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Proposal Services

Our proposal experts live for the discipline and organization of capture and proposal development processes. Whether your company is in the market research phase, creating solutions from a draft set of requirements, or heads down in a request for proposal, our managers and writers will help you get to the finish line with a quality, timely submission. We can lead, support, or "rescue" your proposal, no matter the stage.

All of our proposal professionals are experienced with federal proposal writing, most are cross trained across many different agencies. 

We can lead or supplement your proposal team by providing these proposal services:


Request for Information / Sources Soughts / White Paper Responses

Create outlines for responses, write content, conduct meetings for technical solutions teams, submit questions as required by customer deadlines, submit responses. 


Request for Proposal / Request for Quote / Grant Requests 

Full proposal life cycle management, volume leads, proposal volume writing (management, technical, past performance, pricing narratives, resume formatting, subcontracting plans, OCI plans, etc), compliance leads, proposal production, and proposal coordination activities. 


Graphics Support

Proposal graphic designs, title pages, binder covers and spines, PowerPoint presentations.


Pricing Support

Full proposal pricing for all contract types, price to win analysis, baseline development, CES and WBS development, estimating methods, risk evaluation and impact analysis, affordability and trade-off analysis, best and final offer (BAFO)/items for negotiation (IFN) consulting, developing competitive cost/rate structures.


Color Team Reviews

Meaningful, productive feedback on proposal documents, suggestions for edits, content to assist writers in proposal improvement.


Orals Coaching

Expert consultants to lead preparation of proposal and orals presentations.


Black Hat Reviews 

Thorough competitive analysis and scoring for business opportunities. 



Formatting, grammatical and technical editing for proposal compliance and professionally designed proposals.


Response Templates

Design templates for proposal responses for continuous use.


Executive Proposal Consulting

Expert consulting services for executives and proposal directors seeking strategic and tactical advice on overall proposal activities, lessons learned, and improvements. 


Need a template or quick proposal advice? Click on our ServicesNow page to learn more about our digital downloadable templates and our quick services to assist you NOW.


Have a quick proposal issue? Reach out to us on our LPS Proposal Hotline (bottom right corner of our webpage) and get immediate proposal assistance 24/7. 

Key Personnel Recruiting Services

We understand how stressful it can be trying to find key personnel even when you are best prepared for the bid. We provide a dedicated recruiter for your key personnel recruiting efforts at an affordable hourly rate. Our recruiters specialize in recruiting the best people for key personnel requirements in proposals, interviews and phone screens, and obtaining letters of commitment/intent. Stop paying the gigantic finder fees with recruiting firms who don't know anything about your bid!

Research Services

Research services that are accurate, thorough, and affordable provide the foundation for every business to grow. Little Proposal Shop performs opportunity searches for businesses in the federal, state, local, and non profit sectors. Opportunity searches can be used for identifying new potential work and/or customers. We also provide in depth research reports to include (but not limited to) incumbent or competitive intelligence, pricing and spending data, potential teaming partners, customer contact information, and opportunity timelines. We help provide the information your company needs to determine what customers and opportunities are the top priorities with the highest probabilities for wins. 

Marketing Services

Marketing is the cornerstone for every business' success. An eye catching logo, an informative capabilities brief, the perfect website... sometimes it is the simple marketing techniques that help gain you a new customer. Little Proposal Shop offers business marketing services to make your business known, whether you need help getting started or you are looking to spruce up your sales capabilities and marketing tools. Our marketing services include:


Logo Design

New logo design or updates to your existing logo


Website Design

New website design or updates to your current website


Capabilities Briefs

Company capabilities briefs or presentations


Company Slicks

1 and 2 page capabilities or company information slicks 


Company Stationary Design 

Company letterhead, Microsoft Office presentation templates, E-mail signatures and/or designs


Graphic Design

Graphic design of brochures, pamphlets, informational sheets, and other company literature


Industry Conference and Event Planning

Specific to your brand and geared toward your company's capabilities and customers

Booth Buddies

Our booth buddies learn all about your business and manage your booth at conferences so that you can go to the track sessions and do the really important networking!

Business Development, Capture Advisory, and Consulting Services

Little Proposal Shop provides industry experts who can advise you on the best path forward for your business development and capture efforts. Our executive-level consultants have many years of real-world experience with lessons learned and wisdom to help you make clear decisions regarding your opportunity pipeline, your strategic plan, your proposal processes, and your proposal responses. Contact us to learn more about how our consultants can help you win more business! 

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