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Proposal Templates

Proposal Cover Pages

Choose from our document cover pages and customize with your company logo, details, and your customer information. These cover pages can be used for proposals, market research responses, white papers, and your business’ marketing materials. Purchase and download now!


Compliance Matrix Template

Purchase and download our compliance matrix with instructions to help ensure your documents are compliant.


Resume Template

Need a standard resume template to present your resources in a proposal? Want to gather your employees resumes in standard format for future proposal needs? Purchase and instantly download our resume template which covers all of the essential details for most Federal proposals.


Gate/Milestone Opportunity Review Template

Before spending money and time on proposals, it is essential to have strong, disciplined capture and business development. Our Gate/Milestone Opportunity Review template provides an informative, detailed presentation for capture managers and business development professionals to inform corporate leadership teams on bid opportunities. This template can be used through all levels of preparation and can serve as an all encompassing reference for all resources involved in the capture and proposal process. It includes slides for customer background, current and future environment; teaming details; incumbent/competitive intelligence; pricing details; opportunity timelines; staffing/HR requirements; proposal expectations; requests/actions/next steps for company. Our Gate/Milestone Opportunity Review template will ensure your company is well informed by your capture staff prior to making bid/no bid decisions. This template also helps capture professionals inform corporate of needed resources to successfully bid an opportunity. Purchase and download instantly!


Proposal Calendar Template

Our proposal calendar will help you stay on top of all of your proposal activities, meetings, and deadlines. Our template can be modified to fit bids with any length of time to submission (7, 10, 14, 21, 30, 45, 60+ days). The template also comes with suggested activities, meetings, and deadlines to schedule for your bid. Purchase and download now!


Proposal Services

Editing/Formatting Proposal: 

Must provide 48 hours notice or more for editing and formatting proposals.

Documents must be "final" (do not submit documents which are still being edited or worked by proposal team).


Volumes less than a total of 25 pages (not including Pricing Volume) - $500

Volumes more than a total of 25 pages (not including Pricing Volume) – $500  

+$20 each additional page

Please contact us directly for pricing volumes - info@proposalshop.us


Color Team Reviews:

LPS can participate or lead color team reviews both in a virtual and onsite setting. LPS can utilize your color team review process and provide meaningful feedback and content suggestions to assist in making your proposal the best it can be for your customer. Prices include review of RFP documents, edits/comments/suggestions on updates to proposal documents, and participation in debrief meetings.

Virtual review – 6 hours - $800

Virtual review – 10 hours - $1,300


LPS can also lead your color team reviews providing instructions to the reviewers, using our review templates, and leading feedback meetings to ensure you get the most out of your review sessions. Prices include RFP review, customization of review materials, and meeting time.

Virtual review – 10 hours - $1,500

Virtual review – 12 hours - $2,000


For onsite color team reviews, please contact us directly to discuss scope and pricing – info@proposalshop.us



To win, you must be compliant! Our LPS team takes compliance very seriously. We can assist you in your proposal efforts by creating a compliance matrix for your proposal. A compliance matrix can ensure you are checking your proposal compliance through every step of the process.

Compliance Matrix Creation - $1,000


LPS compliance experts can go through your proposal documents and provide feedback on compliance requirements at any point during the proposal process. We can affirm compliant requirements and provide specific details on compliance deficiencies.

Proposal Compliance Check – $1,500


Graphics Support

Graphics support includes corrections to existing graphics, building new graphics or tables, designing document covers, and overall graphics editing.

2 hours - $175

4 hours - $325

8 hours - $675

16 hours – $1,300